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Shahid Ali | Fullstack engineer

Shahid Ali

I help entrepreneurs and companies to build custom web solutions that focus on solving the problems of their customers.

I speak your language, So you don't need to try and pretend that you know everything about APIs, integrations, all those boring things.

Technical part is on me. I just need your creative vision to implement your idea into life.


Website design

Website design

E-commerce website design


Web app development

Web app development








Information gathering

Information gathering

In this phase all the information about your product or service is gathered. Such as what your audiance is, what goals you want to achieve with your service or product and any design guidelines or references you might already have.

Website planning

Sitemap planning

During this phase all the available information is divided into several pages and a sitemap file is prepared that helps visualise how all the content is connected.

Wireframe planning

Once sitemap is reviewed and approved then a wireframe is created to finalise the design and functionality.

Web design


In this phase all the visual content is created such as images, videos and photos for all the pages then reviewed to move to next phase.

Web development


During this phase previously created graphic is used to create the website by writing actual code.

Website testing

Test and Deploy

Testing is a very important part and during the testing phase each and every thing is tested. Such as all links, forms, device compatibility and browser compatibility to make sure a quality product is delivered. Project is deployed once everything is tested and reviwed by the stakeholders.

Website maintenance


Continues updates are required to stay secured, make new desing and feature changes. In order to achive this quick optional support is provided.


Beacon View Windows

Customized website design

Pro Esports Group

Brand design & development


Website design & development

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