Facebook apps for business growth.

By Shahid Ali

Facebook is the largest growing social media network, with around 1.19 billion users. This makes it the perfect choice for expanding or even establishing a business because it ensures increased exposure to potential customers.

Facebook is the epicenter of all social media marketing strategies and has worked extremely well in favor of a large number of brands. The key to this is Facebook Applications, which act as the most essential and practical tool for the survival of the brand.

Facebook apps are tools that allow you to customize your Facebook Page in such a way that enhances the experience for your customers and therefore, helps in growing the business. The best part is that Facebook Apps don’t require a lot of effort and are super easy to use.

Here’s how they can help:

Creating Awareness

There are a lot of Facebook Apps that are deployed to aid a brand is growing and stabilizing itself in the market. The first step is always building awareness for a product, promoting it comes second.

You can add Custom Tab Apps like Tabsite, Woobox, Tabfounry etc, to include a variety of things like images, videos, and an opt-in form on a single custom tab to basically create a mini-website on your Facebook Page. Applications like, My Yelp Reviews, Tweet Tabs, all help in generating traffic for your page and thus help in creating a valuable existence of your brand on social media.

Promoting Your Business

Once the identity of the brand is established in the market, next comes the step of generating as much traffic as possible for your Facebook Page. With the help of Facebook Applications for creating quizzes, polls and contests such as Photo Contests, Video Contests, Polls with Facebook or Polldaddy etc., you can bring users to your Page and help increase the number of followers.

Managing Your Reputation

Once a brand has established itself in the social media market, it has exposed itself to a lot of customers. It, therefore, becomes necessary for the brand to maintain its stand and image in front of the customers and the competitors as well. For this purpose, Facebook Pages provide an active means of communication between you and your customers.

Video streaming apps such as Livestream allow you to stream live videos from your Facebook Page and track their performance at the same time. In addition, YouTube Tab allows you to display your channel’s latest YouTube videos in a tab in your Facebook Page.

With statistics and measurement apps, as well as review apps, you can easily collect and display customer video reviews and testimonials on Facebook with applications such as Boast. Tradable Bits’ fan customer relationship management (CRM) tool lets you collect information regarding the demographics, contact preferences, interests, purchase history of your fans and their friends on Facebook.

User Engagement

Apps such as Woobox allows you to create sweepstakes, coupons, and contests for your Facebook Page. Shortstack helps you build engaging campaigns, contests, and promotions for Facebook. These help in keeping your customers hooked for a long time, and in turn provide better results to brand managers.

The Fan of the Week app awards points based on liking activity to fans on your Page. This keeps users happy and they are more likely to continue interacting in the future. Others who view the post are also intrigued and thereby interact

Endless Possibilities

There is virtually no end to your imagination and therefore you can develop as many apps as you can think of. All you have to do is to create an idea and then the developers will do the rest.

For instance you can order for Custom Tab Apps to manage things more properly. Either you want to design Email Capture Apps or Social Media Integration Apps nothing is impossible. People are managing their business much better by using E-commerce Storefront Apps, Coupon Apps, and even Review Apps.

You can even develop Quiz and Poll Apps for multipurpose use. To keep a better track record of activities you can even design Statistics and Measurement Apps.

For better interaction on social media, you can even use Live Video Apps. Furthermore, with appointment scheduling apps such as Appointy, you can schedule appointments without any hassle.

Job listing apps such as Jobvite, Jobcast let you feature job openings on your page and Customer Service Apps lets you connect with your consumers in a much better way.

In a Nutshell

With the right selection of apps, you can save yourself a lot of time by using automated processes as well as better engage your customers. Having Facebook apps is as easy as can be. It’s only going to grow and strengthen your business.

There literally are no downs to it. You just name the problem and the solution will be provided in the form of a Facebook App that will virtually make a lot of things easy and time-saving for you.

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