How Login Connect with Messenger can help your business

By Shahid Ali

1. Create more conversations

Drive more people into conversations with your business via Messenger.

Login Connect opens Messenger as a new channel for customer relationship management for both marketing and for customer care.

Among test participants who enabled Login Connect, have seen upwards of 70% opt-in to messaging. This is a powerful alternative for you to communicate with your customers especially when compared to Email and Phone.

2. Grow new user engagement

Send welcome messages to smoothen the path to purchase.

Businesses are discovering Login Connect with Messenger can be a powerful lower funnel tool too. They are using the Messenger threads to tailor onboarding for new customers as well as to enhance existing user engagement.

How this works?

  • Brands can send a personalized welcome message to people who have created an account with Facebook login.
  • They can send offers and product recommendations to those people in the Messenger channel and this can be used to facilitate the path to purchase.
  • It can also provide personalized onboarding. For example informing new users about how to use your service for the first time.
  • And it can also be used to deliver post-purchase account updates too. Once someone purchased an item, you can follow up with order updates, delivery updates in the Messenger thread that’s now been activated with Login and Connect with Messenger.

3. Enhance customer care

Improve customer care experience by directing people to their preferred channel for support.

Login Connect also helps businesses provide more personalize and efficient customer care on Messenger. With Login Connect with Messenger, you can proactively inform customers that they can use Messenger to get support.

Businesses are already using Messenger often with chatbots to more efficiently respond to customer service inquiries while maintaining a high bar of service and what could be more important than customer service.

With Login Connect with Messenger, you can raise the bar on quality and value plus drive faster response times and conversation efficiency. By using Login Connect with Messenger, you can ensure that customers know they can receive great customer service by the Messenger thread.

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